I found this on my old laptop today and because of the political climate it seems like as good a time as any to share...

Attention all beings that will not be silenced or shrink down for being exactly who they are.

I am sharing today the synopsis of the time I was having a conversation I began to clear the air; it soon turned into an attempt to be bullied.

That’s right you read it correctly someone attempted to bully me!

At a professional setting with a co-worker of equal caliber and he much older than I by at least ten years, I hoped to clear the air. I was new to the company and was not keen on this person’s sense of humor, let’s call him Nelson. (btw I am 5'3, and he is easily 6'5)

As we passed each other in a large hallway I approached him and summed up I may have misunderstood what he meant and I was ready to clear up our miscommunication and move on. I was not done explaining when the following words left him mouth.

“you are so immature and uneducated for bringing this up!”

“you are soft, and I feel sorry for you!”

“what if the owner cursed you out what would you do?”

“my teen daughter is tougher than you!”

“my friends love the way I am!”

“my mom has always said she likes the way I am!”

“I have balls of steel!”

“I am a lion!”

My responses in order of verbal attack were as follows:

First, my internal monolog, “Ok, this isn’t about me.”

"It's unfortunate you feel that way."

“I’ve done very well for myself being soft, no need to feel sorry for me.”

“I don’t use my time with hypothetical scenarios like that.”

“Congratulations, that’s wonderful.”

“Great, but this is a professional setting.”

“That’s great, congrats.”

“That’s great, congrats.”

“That’s great, congrats.”

Full disclosure, by hands shook the whole time. Wow guys, never have I been in a situation like that and I had to summon my inner Zooey Deschanel and use her quote as my guiding meditation prayer. See it below:

My truth is my truth, I am a soft kind person but I will not be spoken down to or intimidated by a bully. Even if my voice shakes and even if I cry a little after from anger. I will always stand up for myself and for those I love.

We need to know that it is okay to defend ourselves, from jerk co-workers or bully recruiters! (more on that later). Has there been a time when you were bullied and stood up for yourself or saw someone get bullied and stepped in? If so, you are my hero and my hat is off to you.


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