The name BARE SEASON came from multiple "aha" moments turned into one glorious turn of events. First, my nickname has been Care Bear for quite some time. Can't say Karen without saying "Care." Second, at a "What is your superpower?" ladies seminar, my superpower was that "I care" and thus Care Bear continued to exist. And finally, but certainly, not least, I love the idea of starting a new internal season at any time and anywhere when we can bare our entire selves to ourselves. It would seem that even the most disciplined individual will put off an important matter until after "Reason X" is resolved. My approach to such a mindset is, this reason will come and go, but that's not what's keeping us from what we want to attain. Be it in our career or an interpersonal matter, ultimately we benefit from a counterpart to maintain an open dialogue on the progress of our vision. That is the goal of Bare Season.

The BARE SEASON mantra:

B - Believe in yourself and your dreams; they are your very own and there is no need to validate them to anyone

A - Accountability for all the bad and good in your life; it takes just as much effort to regret as it does to accept

R - Respect your personal process; it is your very own and comparison to any other will only wilt its beauty

E - Embrace yourself regularly; check-in with yourself just as you would a major project or relationship