Careers have always varied, some work from home some work at an office and some work on the road. What doesn't vary however is the sense of fulfillment and value from a job well done. Better yet, if you have a team to share it with and further more if your collective efforts are recognized.

The truth is this, most of us have to work no doubt about it. And if you're a go-getter like some individuals I've met who find success early on and can retire young, you'll get bored and dive right back into the hustle.

My career in apparel and my time in interior design shed light on this dynamic early on. And set the stage for what is an acceptable work environment that would breed productivity and creativity.

"I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that is how you grow." - Marissa Mayor, CEO of Yahoo

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, it's important to know that our efforts contribute to the bottom line. That is, whether we punch a time card or sign the checks our efforts all lead to the monetary gains and success of a company. And if you prepare yourselves properly, you will also benefit from its growth. Whether we like it or not, with money comes power, and with power comes decision-making for ourselves and others.

My approach to career counseling is a combination of solidifying communication skills in environments that consist of different personalities, be it, co-workers or clients. As well as recognize your personal value in the company. Success is going to mean different things for different individuals and I want to find with you how your current position can be elevated or if it's time to prep for a professional pivot. That doesn't have to mean starting from the bottom elsewhere but make a lateral move based on your experience.

Contact me once you're ready, or a little not ready, to discuss what success looks like to you and how we can get you there together.

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