Now more than ever we are bringing to the fore; issues women have dealt with alone or with a few confidants and learning that we are not alone in these injustices nor should we accept them. There are heroes in every corner of the world making sure their voices are heard and sounding the alarm, so calamities that have been the norm are no more.

The issue of feminism is as simple as it is evident. We have come a long way; we still have a lot more ground to tread. The stigma of the word itself is evolving from the angry-bra-burning-woman to articulate woman in positions of power (see RGB)  and allies in men whom publicly denounce the notion of a greater sex (See JGL).

"I don't gamble, but I'm willing to bet on myself." - Beyonce

Equality in education, as well as equity in opportunities, will be our saving grace. Our needs, perspectives, and contributions are different. There have been countless studies confirming how having women in positions of power help a companies bottom line.

For better or for worse, unbeknownst to me, the way I have navigated my life has been a backbone of a privileged white blonde feminist man. There is no feat I set for myself that is unattainable.

This thought will remain as an open-ended topic thou I will divulge that I am not a singular powerhouse. I have a strong team of confidants that make up my foundation. My partner is a feminist ally and the women that fill my life are nothing short of my heroes. Life is not a spectator sport, small acts by many are what will set the tone in this revolution.


Karen SanchezComment