With so many things of beauty in this world, none can quite compare to the pupusa. It is a traditional Salvadorean dish made of a corn dough and stuffed with the available toppings of your choosing. My favorite is the traditional revuelta that comes stuffed with beans, ground cooked pork, and cheese. Topped with the traditional curtido, pickled cabbage topping, and red salsa.  

Pupusas cater to different dietary restrictions which are perfect for taking out my gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free and even vegan friends. So, fear not! Because you too can eat pupusas. And if you want extra brownie points you can order it with a Kola-Champagne, that's right, the champagne of colas or and Horchata.

"Cinco pupusas por favor." - Karen S.

Being Salvadorean has it's perks and one of them is having these on the regular growing up. Now as an adult, since I have yet to master the skill of making the curtido and Salsa roja, I buy mine. And my most favorite spot is "Delmy's Pupusas" at the Echo Park Farmers Market on Fridays.

Should you not find yourself near that part of LA on Friday I suggest you hop on your local search and engine and search "Pupusas near me." and while you're at it sharpen up your Spanish skills. "Si por favor" and "Muchas gracias" will take you a long way.

So there you have it folk, Pupusas, they're as beautiful as they are delicious.


Karen SanchezComment