Power comes from knowing your strengths. I know I'm funny. I navigate life with a sense of humor and have little room reserved in my personality for embarrassment. It's possibly partly responsible for all the courage I can tap into when needed. It takes me to tapping on the shoulder of a certain someone that caught my eye, M, to sparking a convo with a new lady friend ozzing with good vibes at my dance class. Hi Jade Bird! 

Real conversation with M regarding a new friend visiting -
M: "What time is your new friend coming over?"
Me: "At 7, and she thinks I'm funny so don't ruin this for me!"
End scene.

If you get my humor and I can make you laugh, it's a done deal. If you can make me laugh, lawd help me because I may have added another soul mate to my collection of humans that fill my heart. Our core relationships, I believe, are held by a glue made up of all things humorous.

"You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at." - Tina Fey

To be completely candid, I've walked away from relationships romantic and professional, because they were not fun, at least that was the deal breaker after a slew of other issues. It can't be all work and no play, doing the hard part with out some giggles in the middle are tough on the soul.

Exhibit A: I walked into a proffesional environment where not only was my humor not understood but the owners where total funny duds, and my new counterparts had given up on the possibility of a world where work could be fun. This was alarming to me and so, I directed my path elsewhere. I refuse to become a shell of my funny self. 

I've been fortunate to now be navigating life with a partner like M,  thou he is my polar opposite, two parts dreamer one part realist whilst  I'm two part realist and one part dreamer, we have the same sense humor and there is no denying that is our super glue.


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