To my surprise, I came to find that although I highly regard mentors,  I don't know a lot of my mine. Here, for example, is Isabel Marant. A highly noted creative individual in the world of Parisian chic by way of her designs, everything from jewelry, apparel, to footwear. See: Dicker Boot and Bobby Wedge Sneaker

I became aware of her work in 2010 while doing some research during a PR project. Reading her interviews, I became enamored with her persona thru her words. She seemed not only elegant and astute but soft and approachable.

What I was able to take away from my initial digital encounter was that her American success came after 16 years in the fashion industry. She to this day seems unfazed by the success and regards the spotlight as a mere causation. I have a tendency to put individuals such as these on aprimordial pedestal. The irony is not lost on me here.

"I'm a woman of my time" - Isabel Marant

Because of the times, it seems that we're likely to put off a passion project that appears to take too long. The instant gratification we are regularly entitled to for merely existing can take a toll on reality. I too have found myself in this trap and it tough one to break.

It takes a lot of work and discipline to look at, the not even half finished, project looking back at us cold and needy. The frustration and even guilt we may feel that lingers, won't go away. What if I told you it would take as much of a toll to do it? Replacing the frustration with vigor and the guilt with pride.

When at times I have felt uninspired, I turn to some of her interviews, in video form or written for a mental refresher. I suggest to anyone finding themselves without a mentor or advisor on call to do the same. Not with Isabel necessarily but an individual who inspires you. I wonder who your go-to person for inspiration is. Do tell!



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