If you have yet to make yourself acquainted with Leslie Jones, allow me to introduce you. She is by far one of the funniest stand-up comedians to step foot on stage, and it has been no small feat for her to finally gain the audience she's worked 25 years to attain.

Though she went to college on a basketball scholarship, she followed her gut and pursued comedy as a career. She connects with the audience, on stage, and thru the screen. The article The New Yorker wrote in January 2016 titled, "Ready For Prime Time" Did a great job highlighting all that has brought her to her current state of success.

“I know I’m fly...But I don’t look, like, standard Hollywood." - Leslie Jones

She is someone that inspires me in more ways than one. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she also did not stop until she reached her dreams because she knew, on some days more than others I suspect, that her dream was attainable.

Some circumstances will try our drive and aspirations. To those instances, I say, "I've been able to make due with less, I can do it again." Sometimes I meant more than other but every time I know won't be the last time I say those words to myself.

I don't want to peak at this point in my life; I want to be able to peak in my 90's like Betty White. Who actually, I must say has yet to peak in her career. So I leave you with this thought.

What happens after you reach the goal you've been putting off? I suspect the next one will be just as challenging and just as rewarding. The only difference will be if we've learned to navigate those difficult moments.



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