Aziz Ansari is one of the funniest guys doing stand up and with shows like his Emmy-nominated "Master of None" where he won with his partner for best writer in a comedy series he is getting his a lot of attention. I for one binge watched Master of None as soon as it premiered on Netflix. I'd recently finished reading his book Modern Romance and watched his Netflix Special "Live at Madison Square Garden."

My introduction to Aziz was on the show "Parks and Recreation" with Amy Poehler. He played Tom Haverford and as his wiki page put it was "A sarcastic, underachieving government official for the city of Pawnee who—in his own mind—is revered for his high levels of confidence and unmatched entrepreneurial skills." Needless to say, he was one of my favorite characters on the show.

“Today, if you own a smartphone, you’re carrying a 24-7 singles bar in your pocket.” -Aziz Ansari

Back to Modern Romance, this book is a social commentary on the current dating scene with apps and swipes and all. He goes far and wide, to find out how and why we have found ourselves in the current dating climate. How most of us are no longer content with marrying a Joe or Jane from the same building or city block.

I found it incredibly interesting and enjoyed all the charts and graphs from his collected data. Nothing like some factual information to solidify all things romance. I've passed this one on to a friend, and I think she'll enjoy it as much as I did. Whether attached or not, this is a good book to pick up and spend time with.



Karen SanchezComment