2018 TO DO

 This platform is to communicate to women and allies that I, a once immigrant from El Salvador, have been able to reach her dreams regularly. I am far from enlightened, what I do have is a solid inner dialogue. I'm not here to say I know the answers; I'm saying most of us already know them, and it's a matter of having help connecting the dots. That is where I come in.

Some of my most proud moments have been, becoming a pet parent to my pup Banjo, to finally driving a safe and reliable vehicle, (I've had many car induced headaches, and this was a big win for me) and most important of all maintaining a clear dialogue with myself.  This exchange has set the bar on what I am willing to accept in relationships.

To be candid, I am no stranger to one-sided romantic relationships or one-sided friendship; I on the receiving side of the short end of that stick. It took some time but until I made the conscious decision to remove myself from the chaos mentally and look over at what was playing out before me, was I able to remove myself physically.

"Success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in peoples lives" - Michelle Obama

I fancy myself a practical and rational person, seldom lead by anything that is short of factual. And my reputation precedences me. With that said, no one is above a hard lesson. I could say, "Wish I'd have known sooner how to have fixed it faster" but I won't. It's a futile use of my time, and I am spending the bulk of it living my life and working hard toward improving and maintaining it.

With that, said, I now have a clear picture of what my next goal is. After a successful career in apparel; I am now creating a space for women who don't necessarily lack motivation or skills for successful planning, though would benefit greatly from an unbiased counterpart. And for those who's resources may be nonexistent, this will be a great touchstone for inspiration and guidance.

Thru my independent research I've been able to dial in on what resonates most with individuals looking to push start on their plans and goals, they've put on hold for some time as well as those who don't quite know what the next step is.

It's no secret that women's anxieties come with a bonus of living in a society where we've still got a long way to go in respects to equity. That is to say; it is not so much equality that we need but equity to leverage our different needs. I believe we will get there by working collectively and lifting each other up.