The art of navigating relationships should be an Olympic sport. A sport that we are all participating in regularly. There is no secret to them other than they are hard work and are to be attended to at a drop of a hat. Whether it's family, friendship, lovership, petship or workship it's can be all consuming at times.

The matter of fact is, they are what drive us and what drain us. These are not mutually exclusive. Notably, the relationship we have with ourselves will set the stage to how we interact with others. This is the start point and end point of to the life we lead.

"Trying to be happy by accumulating possession is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body" - George Carling

We are responsible for our happiness. If you've in the past believed it was in someone else's hands, or it was something you could attain after validation thru work, a lover or an outfit I'd like to confirm with you today that it is not and won't ever be.

Where it is, is here within you all along. If you have a difficult time seeing it, I'd love to have the chance to explore with you what this can mean to you and your life. Happiness in external relationships will greatly benefit from this reflection.

Once that is settled, though it needs to be worked on regularly, there is a greater possibility to navigate all others with insight and compassion. My goal is to have you reach a place of mutual understanding with yourself and others and to be able to ask the questions that will get you the answers only you need, and only you know.

Contact me to discuss what happiness in a certain relationship looks like to you and how we can get you there together.

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