For all the F's I've given and for all the F's I haven't. Here are some that stay on rotation.


FEMINISM | Rhymes with Heroism

Now more than ever we are bringing to the fore; issues women have dealt with alone or with a few confidants and learning that we are not alone in these injustices nor should we accept them. There are heroes in every corner of the world making sure their voices are heard and sounding the alarm, so calamities that have been the norm are no more.


FUNNY |Funny Girl

Power comes from knowing your strengths. I know I'm funny. I navigate life with a sense of humor and have little room reserved in my personality for embarrassment. It's possibly partly responsible for all the courage I can tap into when needed.



FOOD | Pupusas

With so many things of beauty in this world, none can quite compare to the pupusa. It is a traditional Salvadorean dish made of a corn dough and stuffed with the available toppings of your choosing. My favorite is the traditional revuelta that comes stuffed with beans, ground cooked pork, and cheese. Topped with the traditional curtido, pickled cabbage topping, and red salsa.  


FEAR | Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Our struggles though different unite us in compassion. We must remember that even if our voice shakes we must speak up. It doesn't have to be loud, just heard. Fearlessness doesn't make a person brave; it's fear that makes us brave. It keeps us from walking in dark alleys at night and going the long way that's well lit. It keeps us from eating the chicken dish we ordered that doesn't quite look finished.